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Wealth Creators

  • Terrace Wealth Creators [part of the Terrace Group of companies] is a full service financial planning business.
  • As part of our commitment to superior service, Terrace clients are offered a free initial consultation and financial needs analysis.
  • Once needs and objectives have been established, a strategy can be formulated and implemented to get you started.
  • Ongoing support and regular review is then provided to help you stay on track.
  • All recommendations are made after extensive research using proven financial strategies.

“We will consider your individual needs and objectives, investment time frame and attitude toward risk. Armed with this information we can formulate an appropriate investment strategy, and then prepare a personalised statement of advice. In formulating recommendations we will discuss and consider tax, social security, and estate planning. Once you have accepted the statement of advice we will assist you with the implementation and ongoing review of the recommended strategy”.

Terrace Wealth Creators can assist with:

Gearing Your Investment

For further information see our Financial Services Guide or for a free initial consultation call (08) 9275-3888 or email admin@tcetax.com.au

Borrowing to invest is a good way to increase potential returns. Increased returns can be achieved by using leverage, or gearing your investment so as to gain higher exposure. While using a gearing strategy will increase risk, this increase in risk can be reduced by diversification and regular investment (dollar cost averaging).

Managed Investments and Diversification

A managed investment fund is a good investment vehicle to achieve a well-diversified and cost effective portfolio. Investor funds are pooled and invested across asset classes, sectors and regions. With increased purchasing power and economies of scale, costs are kept to a minimum.
Further diversification can be achieved by using a multi manager strategy. Some investment management styles suit certain market and economic conditions better than others. By choosing a mix of managers you can aim to smooth out performance fluctuations that might result if you only have exposure to one investment manager.

Australian Shares and the Imputation System

The Australian share market has performed well over the last couple of years.  With strong economic indicators and a stable political environment it is reasonable to expect that this will continue. An added incentive to investors considering their options is the imputation system. Unlike overseas shares, Australian shareholders can be issued with franking credits for tax that has been paid by a company before dividends are paid. This system stops the occurrence of double taxing and provides a credit to the investor.

Risk Management (Personal risk insurance)

Essential to any sound financial plan is a well-constructed risk management portfolio, followed by regular review. Income protection, trauma, total and permanent disablement and life cover are all types of cover that need to be considered to ensure that you and your family are protected. When did you last review these insurances?

Superannuation and Retirement Planning

The Australian Social Security system is under considerable pressure. Our population is ageing and there are not enough taxpayers to support the expected increase in unfunded retirees.
The government is committed to the superannuation system and has given generous incentives to encourage Australians to top up their super and fund their own retirement.
Superannuation as an investment vehicle is one of the most tax effective, and should, with the right advice, be given careful consideration.

Tax Effective Investment

A popular, tax effective strategy, is to use gearing to increase exposure to managed investments. Such a strategy can also provide a top up to superannuation benefits for retirement while still maintaining access to capital. A $200,000 portfolio can be established for less than $200.00 p.w.* Just imagine what this would be worth in 10 years.
* (100% geared at an interest rate of 8% pa. 2% dividend yield fully franked. Weekly cost based on after tax cash flow for an individual at a marginal tax rate of 46.5%.).
The Terrace Wealth Creators service is made possible by our strategic alliance with AdviserChoice [AFSL 334657]. We therefore have no alliance with any of the banks or investment groups, which means you can be sure that you are getting advice that is in your best interests. We are proud to be members of the Association of Independent Financial Planners.

For further information see our Financial Services Guide or for a free initial consultation call (08) 9275-3888 or email admin@tcetax.com.au